East pacific Rise 3D seismic study.

This is my major marine seismology project at the moment.  It involved a study of the East pacific Rise spreading center using the RV Marcus G Langseth research vessel operated by Lamont-Doherty with its multi-streamer 3D capability.  The work is progressing and we are hoping for results by end of 2010.

Katrina Deceased Victims List

This project had the initial aim of accounting for the extended death toll from Hurricane Katrina by including all those who died subsequently but of related causes such as the elderly who lost continuity of medical care and died weeks to months after.  It is an internet based porject, apprently the first of its kind.

The bamboo Bike Project BBP

A very different project that aims to bring affordable and sustainably manufactured bikes for rural poor in Africa.  We have begun in Ghana with a partner there and are hoping for large scale production in the Fall.   Frames are made of bamboo grown locally, metal parts are imported.

One of the many groups that have picked up on this and written blogs or other forms of stories is Green Earth News.

The latest on this project is a major step forward — the set-up of a production factory in Kumasi Ghana.

We just won a prize awarded by Fresh Homes magazine.  The online version tells the story.

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