I teach at graduate and undergaraduate level in both departments in which i am appointed.  They can be found in Columbia’s directory of classes at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/bulletin/uwb/


Marine Seismology, (EESC) given in alternate years.

Environmental Science for Sustainable Development SDEV 6240 (Fall) Core course for PhD in Sustainable Development

Climate Change, Development and Human Rights SDEV 6235 (Spring)


Introduction to Earth Sciences EESC (Fall)

Science for Sustainable Development EESC 2330 (Fall) Core course in Sustainable Development undergrad Major taught with Ruth DeFries

Natural Disasters and Sustainable Development SDEV3360  (Spring beginning 2011) taught with Sonali Deraniyagla

Student Advising

Major Professor:

Ph.D. completed:             R. Mithal, E. Vera*, J. Lorenzo, C. Zehnder, G. Barth, W. Su*, J. Fang, G. Correa*,  J. Floyd*

Ph.D. in progress:             Shoushou Han (Seismology)

Note that all first and second year students in the sustainable development PhD program have a three person advisory committee that I chair as DGS for the program.

Advisory Committee:

Ph.D. completed:              A. Malinverno, N. Bangs , S. Spangler, A. Holmes, A. Macario, J.McGinnis,

J. Hopper* (M. Phil.), G. Hu, W. He, X. Wang

PhD in progress:            Marjanovic Milena

M. Phil.:                          L. Xu (passes oral exam, chose to terminate)

Hannah Abend (IGERT Fellow), left the program

*Heezen Award recipient

Masters and Undergraduate advising:

Masters of Climate and Society:

Jennifer Stephens (2007), Elizabeth Thornton (2008), Jessica Rosen, Anna Maria Podgorska, Kira Sullivan-Wiley (2009/2010).

Svetla Maranova (2010/2011)

SIPA Masters:

Audrey Desiderato, Jennifer Davis, Rumi Naito: Integrating a pilot REDD project into Indonesia’s National Policy Framework. Workshop project.  Saira Qureshi and Phoebe Leung  Kartina Social Mapping

Undergraduate:            Brenden Cline, Belinda Archibong (now in Sust. Dev. PhD program), Semee Yoon (now in Sust. Dev. PhD program), Danni Pi, Erin Stahmer.

Undergraduate Majors in Sustainable Development:

Bailey Nathan
Burke Olivia
Ferro Shane
Graziani Grant
Lew Alexander
Nguyen Thien Khoi
Nickel Brian
Romain Khalil
Stahmer Erin
Winkler Hope
Wood Tabitha

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